YPO comes at an insanely affordable subscription fee. PLUS it is better than other payroll systems, because it comes with an integrated Time-In/Time-Out system with flexible features and multiple location capabilities. YPO is created to make payroll hassle-free with its flexible cut-off payroll register, FREE and UNLIMITED Tech Support with TIME SHEET AUDIT to ensure accuracy and FREE Set-Up & Training. It is designed to secure payroll information with the LIMITED ACCESS SYSTEM to prevent manipulation of time sheets and payroll calculation.

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Now available via the Google Play Store for Android and the Chrome Web App for PC. This application makes a personalized and easy Time-In/Time-Out recording. It can monitor Travel/Arrive field activities from different locations and it does the work for overtime and leave application filing and approval. Apply for overtime or leave online anytime and anywhere and Managers can monitor and approve applications online and real-time.



Eliminate the need for paper! YPO means "No Signature Required Daily Reports (DAR)" and paperless recording of field work activities and receive complete payslips for every employee via email.

HASSLE-FREE paperless
payroll system

For SMEs and Large Companies

Flexible Time-In / Time-Out Capability

With multiple location capability

Time Sheet Audit

The integrated time sheet audit ensures accuracy of logs



Eliminate the need for paper, the e-Payslip will be emailed to every employee

Timekeeper App in PC

Time-In / Time-Out for PC available as extension from Chrome Web Store

Amazing features online or offline


Designed to make business easier

Do you need to track time and travel logs offline?
No problem! You can EXPORT timesheets right to your PC and get a detailed
copy in Excel format for compilation and comparison.

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Amazing features made mobile

Access payroll features at the touch of your fingertips


Designed to meet business needs

Business owners need not be overwhelmed with ineffective time records that can be tampered or manipulated. No more untimely payroll processing or payroll organizing issues.

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User-friendly design

Easy to understand. Easy-to-use interface made available and accessible at the touch of your fingertips.

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Easy Set-up 1-2-3

The set-up process is not only free, it is so easy!


Provide your company information and contact details to make your account. Register.


Access & Use

Check your email for the activation link. Follow the link to the log-in page and log-in using the registered email and password credentials. Access your payroll system and experience how YPO can make business easier for you.


Install Applications

Install YAHSHUA Timekeeper App from Chrome Web Store for your PC and from Google Play Store for your android gadgets. Download.


More and more extra great features

Business owners need not worry about miscalculations and manipulation.

User-friendly Interface

The payroll dashboard is user friendly, complemented by status graphs for employee count and payroll overall net income which are easy to interpret.

FREE Unlimited TECH Support

Not only does YPO come with an integrated Timesheet audit, it also comes with a TECH support where you get help from our experts and developers.


Reduces menial tasks of clerical labors that take up time and effort. There will be no employee time lost, because YPO integrates business controls that ensure payroll accuracy.

Limited Access System

This system eliminates clerical challenges and human error on miscalculation and manipulation. Only assigned ADMIN personnel can view, access, and make changes.

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